PharmaForce 2017

September 18 - 20, 2017

Hilton Austin, TX

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 John Crowley
John Crowley Vice President Cardinal Health

Day Three: Intersecting Digital and the Customer

10:20 AM Access Selling in Healthcare: Why The Reach & Frequency Sales Model Is Going Extinct

MACRA. MIPS. APM’s. The changes and constraints forced upon our customers are endless. Each new provider
regulation means decreased Sales Rep access. How do we provide value to customers in a value-based
world? It’s not doing the same thing and expecting different results. In this interactive keynote presentation, John addresses WHY healthcare organizations must abandon the reach and frequency sales model before extinction. I mix humor with anecdotes of success and failure during my 18-year sales career. Backed by data, I create a compelling argument for the need to change NOW! I explain what caused Cardinal Health to abandon their proven sales model and implement the Access Selling Process. I provide a simple framework for inspiring change in any Fortune 500 sales organization.
Why the traditional reach and frequency sales strategy is broken
Why the decision maker no longer exists
What’s at risk if you continue with reach and frequency?
What is Access Selling? And Access Selling Principles
Integrating Access Selling into your sales process
Technology needed to facilitate Access Selling today (hint: you own it today or it’s free!)

The Audience Will Understand:
Why being different from the competition is better than being better
How to begin the crusade to socialize the Access Selling model within a large, convoluted, bureaucratic and
antiquated healthcare company
Where Access Selling does not work