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Strengthening Engagement and Influence With Key Decision Makers

Strengthening Engagement and Influence With Key Decision Makers Strengthening Engagement and Influence With Key Decision Makers
In this research report, based on findings of an exclusive elandas webinar hosted by PharmaForce, you'll discover the three fundamental challenges of influencing decision makers, and how to use a combination of technology and strategy to overcome them. 

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Executive Summary

This report follows up on the jointly hosted Pharmaforce and elandas webinar which took place on July 12, 2016. Featuring contributions from participating industry leaders who formed the expert panel, as well as the live contributions of the audience of healthcare sales and marketing professionals. Central to the discussion was an emphasis on how organizations can improve their ability to engage and influence with key decision makers who influence sales. With ever increasing challenges in gaining one-on-one access to key decision makers and influencers. every opportunity to provide meaningful information and to be seen as a strategic partner is more critical than ever before. The panel identified three common mistakes that can derail your ability to engage and influence, and offered suggestions to help overcome them.

These are:
- Lack of trust
- Mismatching. 
- Lack of personalization and relevance.

This report will explore how to use technology to take advantage of knowledge within the organization that supports effective engagement, the psychology behind powerful persuasion, as well as how to cater to customer preferences and work customization into your strategies While these techniques are particularly powerful for sales. the principles behind this approach to persuasion and influencing can be shared with your entire organization.

By the end of this paper. you will understand how to:
- Strategically influence decision makers
- Break down communication silos. especially between sales and marketing
- Uncover strategies and technologies that support more customized and masterful engagement in 
- high-stakes situations

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