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Non-Personal Promotion in the Time of COVID-19

Pharmaceutical professionals would be well served to ensure they have a solid strategy in place for non-personal promotion during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pharma Strategies To Ensure Business Continuity During COVID

Pharma companies are having to adjust strategies and their organizational structure to ensure business continuity during the COVID pandemic.

3 Challenges for Pharma Sales

The pharma sales force faces many challenges. While it used to be the case that doctors would independently decide what drugs to use, today, there are additional stakeholders to consider - and getting access to them isn't easy. Let's consider three of the biggest challenges facing pharma sales today.

3 Challenges for Non-Personal Promotion

Pharma marketing is changing. For many years, pharmaceutical companies looking to market new drugs sent representatives to have one-on-one conversations with physicians and other clients and promote the products in-person. Today, this traditional representative-centric marketing model is coming under great strain.

What Modern Business Can Learn From 80s Pop Culture

Three great examples of how 80s pop culture can be used to make modern business work better and more ethically than ever before. Whether in pharmaceutical marketing or elsewhere, these lessons can help make your industry stronger.

GlaxoSmithKline's Marketing Strategy To Fail Fast And Be Agile

Taking cues from the direct-to-consumer world and employing strategies such as agile and fail fast is allowing GSK to become a better and more responsive marketer.

How Productivity Tools Can Supercharge Your Sales Teams

Digital technology is helping people working in all fields become more productive and efficient in their roles. However, it's important to have a solid understanding of which tools are right for each job and make sure you're only selecting the ones which are relevant.

Here's How to Break Down Silos Between Sales and Marketing

All successful marketing efforts end up with the sales team. After all, the only way to truly measure whether your marketing strategy has been effective is to see it translates into real business. Similarly, most, if not all, of your successful sales will have begun life in the marketing department.

How Augmented and Virtual Reality can Help Pharmaceutical Marketers

Whether it's augmented reality-powered smart glasses helping field service engineers superimpose schematics over real machines or virtual reality technology allowing travelers to tour destinations before deciding whether to book a flight, this incredible tech has almost unlimited applications.

Amazon's Healthcare eCommerce Strategy

Amazon's foray into the pharmaceutical world might be cause for concern, it also brings with it no small amount of opportunity. With its almost unlimited resources, Amazon isn't afraid to constantly innovate and take an open-minded approach to new services.

Here's How Takeda Pharmaceuticals is Keeping Established Brands Fresh

For pharmaceutical companies, the process of keeping established brands fresh is more complex. As they don't normally sell directly to consumers, the needs of their customers are very different, as are their strategies for selling to those customers.

How The Novartis Health Hub Brings New Tech To Market More Effectively

TSavvy pharma brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring the latest in medical technology to market. At the other end of the corporate scale are fresh startups, which are filled with great ideas but often lack the infrastructure to effectively develop, market, and sell their products.

Actionable KPIs that Drive your Commercial Success

Success Factors For New Product Launches: An Exploration of Product Archetypeses