Updating Engagment Strategies for a Changing Healthcare Market

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In the modern pharmaceutical market, many companies are finding that the non personal promotion method, or promoting products and services to end users such as doctors and hospitals, is becoming more effective than the traditional model of sending a personal representative to promote company products. Part of this is due to modern interactive promotional systems allowing for a personalized approach, even without the physical presence of a company representative.

The most effective aspects of e-promotion systems are that they allow the targeted audience to participate at a time of their choosing, unlike personal meetings, which must be scheduled in advance. This creates a feeling that individual’s time is valued, rather than irritation when the client's day is interrupted.

Secondly, by using information about the targeted individual, the promotion can be personalized with information such as his or her name, age and specialty. By addressing the doctor or administrator by name and title and using the information about them to tailor the presentation to their skills and needs, e-promotion campaigns can help establish a personal connection with the individual.

By including to option to register or request more information, the non personal promotion system makes it more likely that the targeted individual will choose to continue to interact with the marketer. This increases the probability that the HCP and its representatives will decide to purchase materials from the company.

Additionally, E-promotion methods can be tailored to provide bonus material to commemorate the client’s birthday, or other important date. Much like an acquaintance sending a card, this lets the client know that he or she is a valued customer of the pharmaceutical company. This technique can also be used to inform the individual of meetings or items that might be of interest, further reinforcing the sense of a personalized service.

Finally, e-promotion is a two-way street. Interactive forms allow the targeted client to easily enter into a dialogue with company representatives at his or her own convenience. In this way, the a pharmaceutical advertising campaign can avoid the potential pitfalls of personal promotion methods, even as interactive e-promotion campaigns allow them to enjoy all of the advantages.

Personalized non personal promotion systems allow the company to make use of highly flexible and cost effective systems of directed advertising. In fact, this new system is superior in every way to the traditional personal promotion model.