PharmaForce 2017

September 18-September 20, 2017

Hilton Austin, TX

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Reports & Studies

Discovering Effective Strategies for Sales and Marketing in the Face of Reduced Access to Oncologists

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Oncology breakthroughs are currently fueling significant growth in the market, as well as the competition between pharmaceutical brands for market share. This paper examines the challenges facing pharmaceutical brands today, as well as the strategies for non-personal promotion and boosting the informative value of their messaging that will allow them to continue to break through the competition.

Key topics include:

  • How constricted access to Oncologists is characterizing the market
  • Causes and symptoms of market change
  • Adapting to restrictions in Oncologist access
  • Crafting promotional strategies incorporating non-personal promotion
  • Perceptions of multichannel effectiveness

Updating Engagment Strategies for a Changing Healthcare Market

With the importance of each decision maker engagement increased as a result of consolidated buying power in the healthcare market, getting the right shareable assets to support new opportunities is a critical part of a successful sales and marketing dynamic. In this report, produced with elandas, you'll discover three surprising integrations that can support a stronger approach to engagement while minimizing turnaround time. Read the latest on:

-Overcoming information gaps to better enable sales
-The impact of integrated healthcare networks on strategy
-Producing custom assets to support new opportunities

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Strategic Sales Rep Selection

Learn the latest on Strategic Sales Rep Selection from Taylor Strategy Partners!

Non Personal Promotion

In this exclusive presentation from PharmaForce, Liz Cermak, Chief Commercial Officer for Pozen, discusses the future of pharma marketing and non-personal promotion.

Cermak examines how Pozen is dealing with seismic changes in the sales rep model and explains how they've adapted to the changing attitudes of prescribers by implementing 21st century sales procedures.

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Success Factors For New Product Launches: An Exploration of Product Archetypes

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Increasing payer pressures, new influencers, and challenges with internal and external stakeholder alignment all contribute to today’s more challenging and restrictive product launch environment. Despite this, how do pharmaceutical companies ensure the success of their primary care or specialty product without hemorrhaging cost?

Key takeaways include:

  • Leveraging archetypes to provide a common framework for stakeholders in the organization to have collective agreement on your product’s benefit
  • Evaluating launches through a Five A model to understand the true revenue potential of your product
  • Understanding critical success factors


PharmaForce Attendee List

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Strengthening Engagement and Influence With Key Decision Makers

In this research report, based on findings of an exclusive elandas webinar hosted by PharmaForce, you'll discover the three fundamental challenges of influencing decision makers, and how to use a combination of technology and strategy to overcome them. 

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Enabling Deeper More Impactful Interviews

Learn how to enable more meaningful, impactful interviews with Taylor Strategy Partners!

Building Your Sales Force With Next Generation Talent

Whether you're optimizing existing brands or launching your next product, people make the difference. How you recruit and select the right people must evolve to meet the new needs of a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Sales Accelerator Follow-Up Survey

Report from Taylor Strategy Partners on the latest hiring best practices.

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