PharmaForce 2018

September 26-September 28, 2018

The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA

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Verix provides an end-to-end cloud based analytical solution for commercial operations professionals in the life sciences market that helps focus your business efforts optimally.
Verix platform integrates multiple, diverse data sources and applies process-specific business logic to generate role based visualization and clear, relevant insights.
Our solution provides a common language for managing the business across all roles, enabling the various commercial operations stakeholders to focus on issues that have business relevancy for them and take actions accordingly to improve their performance and business results.
Verix provides a one-stop-shop solution with a strong Pharma focus, using a proprietary platform along with our reputed ongoing cloud based service that ensures keeping up with the latest business changes, which allows us to deliver meaningful Insights - beyond data visualization that is achieved by standard BI tools.
Stakeholders from all customers affirm the Verix solution is highly trusted and provides an edge in identifying meaningful insights, resulting in unprecedented usability rates (over 80% in 2015!).

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