Expert Reviews

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"I really like that Future Pharma is very interactive, allowing for much more pharma participation. Actually, I prefer it over other events that are big lectures formats. At Future Pharma, we broke into small group discussions; that's what a conference is supposed to be about: getting the issues on the table and sharing our experiences."

Anne Stroup
VP Strategy, Alliance Life Sciences

"Nothing beats the real-world, timely, practical and applicable ideas I gained at Future Pharma. Working with respected peers who speak the lingo and know the challenges our field forces face, made the event a rewarding experience where I sharpened my saw."

Dennis Merlo
VP, Sales Operations and Training, Purdue Pharma, L.P.

"Future Pharma really is the premier conference for pharma sales and marketing leadership to debate the issues facing our industry and brainstorm solutions."

Bruce Braughton
VP, Global Diabetes Injectables Franchise, AstraZeneca

"The Future Pharma conference consistently manages to address the most current issues facing our industry. It is an excellent forum in which to explore and discuss ideas with peers from other companies."

Cal Austin
Team Leader, Global Commercial Operations, Pfizer, Inc.

“It is one of the few conferences I attended where field sales management utilizes their valuable time to attend and gain valuable insight."

Greg Ciarelli
Head, Sales Administration, Boehringer Ingelheim

"The Future Pharma meeting was helpful in connecting with colleagues from other pharmaceutical companies, as well as getting exposure to vendors with innovative technology solutions. The questions from my presentation on sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions we developed were insightful and led to more discussion. I highly recommend this conference."

Larry A. Pickett, Jr
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Purdue Pharma, L.P.

"It’s been wonderful. I love the detail, openness and candor of the speakers. The networking has been open and comfortable, everyone is open and engaging. I really appreciated the varied content, especially the embrace of adjacency and experience outside the industry."

Michael Kotowski,
Global Account Executive, Signals Analytics

"Future Pharma was a very productive event. I look forward to attending again in the future."

Sandeep Pulim
Chief Medical Information Officer, Point of Care

"Now that I know more about this conference and the value it brings to marketers, I will recruit others for next year."

Bruce Braughton
VP, Global Diabetes Injectables Franchise, AstraZeneca

"Over the past two years, I've spoken at and attended the Future Pharma conferences. I've found them to provide great insight into industry best practices, as well as a forum for networking with industry colleagues. The team at WBR does an excellent job in planning and executing the event."

Mike Capaldi
AVP, U.S. Corporate Affairs, Civic Action & Policy Coalitions, Sanofi

"Really good content and takeaways."

John Sjovall
Executive Director, Sales Training & Development, Daiichi Sankyo

"You do a very nice job with an important conference. I find the presentations, round tables and panels very informative. The toughest part is finding the time to fit it in – I was glad to be able to attend a good portion of it. There were also quite a few industry partners that I am following-up with from conversations and information presented there! Thanks for creating this forum and for all of your hard work pulling it off."

Joe Renda
Senior Director, BioPharmaceutical Commercial Operations & Effectiveness, Novo Nordisk

“The experience has been great, very informative. The best part was learning best practices from other countries. The networking was very good and not intimidating.

Ed Sucre
Lead Commercial Excellence Analyst, Mylan

"There are a lot of smart people that attend this conference, and as a result we have an opportunity to come together more frequently to address shared business issues and opportunities."

Paul Spence
Senior Director, Sales Force Excellence, Sanofi

"Speakers addressed very relevant industry issues; the networking was outstanding."

Mike Howe
National Sales Director, Respiratory/Pediatric Business Unit, UCB

"As the landscape of healthcare and our pharmaceutical business continue to evolve, the Future Pharma conference provides a great opportunity to gain a broader perspective by better understanding critical issues, and exploring potential future solutions."

Tim Ryan
Executive Director, Prescription Medicine Training & Development, Boehringer-Ingelheim

"The roundtable discussions were interesting and valuable….both to learn and share."

Edward Stelmack
Director, Head Commercial Data, AstraZeneca

"Future Pharma represents my best opportunity to learn from my peers and extend my network in a safe and enriching environment."

Frank Dolan
Director of Sales, Corcept Therapeutics

"Future Pharma is a great venue to identify cutting edge trends and sales strategies in this fast moving market space."

Randy Hitchens
Sales Director, Roche

"This has been a great meeting! The setup was more conducive to meeting new people. My favorite part was the welcome reception with the vendors."

Brad Hummel
Director of Field Force Effectiveness and Sales Training, Entera Health

"I can't wait for Future Pharma! It will be my time to re-energize and gain insights and new ideas from colleagues on how to better develop our commercial teams to meet the demands of our very complex market environment. My philosophy is that learning does not happen in a vacuum. Having marketing and sales peers discussing current and future needs for the business makes Future Pharma the ideal environment to stay ahead of the game, developing learning solutions that will resonate with my internal customers back home."

Maria Martina Maldonado-Wexler
Former Senior Manager, Global Commercial Excellence, Baxter

"It was a great couple of days and I really appreciate your efforts to build an engaging/ enlightening experience."

Chad Smith
VP Account Services, Intouch Solutions

"A chance to network and learn about new approaches to sales learning and development, and needs for the future."

Michelle T. Lynch
Senior Director Sales Learning & Development, Janssen Biotech

"I learned a lot during my interactions with other industry experts, and have only very positive feedback on Future Pharma."

Praveen Mathur
Associate Director of Commercial Analytics, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals

"Future Pharma was amazing! I love the focus on sales AND marketing, robust roundtables and great speakers. I made some great vendor connections with solutions very relevant to my business challenges."

Ali Martin
Associate Group Manager, eMarketing, Genentech

"I found Future Pharma to be very helpful to learn and network. Thank you for bringing together some great industry members as well as vendors."

Dharmesh Patel
Director Patient First Operations & Admin, Enterprise Field Ops Admin, GSK

"I found Future Pharma a very good use of my time."

Deb Hussain
Senior Director of Marketing, Eli Lilly

"Next time, I will bring more of my colleagues."

Jeremy Jaggi
Director Sensipar Marketing, Strategy & Segments, Nephrology Business Unit, Amgen

"The Future Pharma conference helps provide me timely information that I might otherwise not be able to quickly track down."

Paige Billings
Former Director, Global Learning & Development/Commercial Operations, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

"I very much enjoyed the Future Pharma conference and the chance to attend and serve on the advisory board."

Eric Pluckhorn
Former Director of Marketing, Allergan